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Meet Julie Hansen

My art is inspired by so many things.  I live near the beautiful prairies, filled with wildflowers, native grasses, and expansive skies.  All the colors found in the sunsets and the seasons inspire my color palettes.  Painting my landscapes is a meditative process for me, one that I hope reflects my deep love of nature.

I also find myself inspired by the places I have traveled.  I observe the color in the streets of the cities and towns, on the beaches and in the exotic vegetation.  Some of my favorite places are Paris, Rome, Denmark and Australia.

Fashion and design are also of interest to me.  I love how fashion reflects art!  You can see it in great design work as well.  Some styles and trends will come and go, but the classics are here to stay.  I feel this way about fine art.  It is an investment that can be enjoyed for years to come.  

There are many artists I look to for inspiration.  The work of Paul Klee, Wolf Kahn, Jasper Johns, Franz Kline, and Helen Frankenthaler always intrigues me.  At home, I admire the drawings and paintings created by my two young daughters.  Through their playful and abstract marks on paper, I am challenged to work more creatively in the studio.

I hope you enjoy my art collections! – from the soft pastels of familiar places, to the bold and colorful abstracts, many inspired by time spent living bayside in Australia, and introducing my new, hand-painted Signature Clutches!

Thank you for viewing my work, I hope you find just the right piece to add beauty to your life!

Artfully yours,

“I have fallen in love with making marks on paper or canvas. These marks are woven by hand, like threads through a tapestry. A blank canvas becomes transformed into something more, something living. This living work, that is the result of the hand of the artist, can be felt with one’s senses.”

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